Phoenix Cleaning solutions provides a professional service carried out by fully qualified trained engineers. Our professional duct cleaning service removes built-up grease and dirt ensuring all your equipment meets the safety requirements and ensures that your kitchen complies with industry standards and TR19 stipulations. This includes catering equipment, grease extraction, and ventilation systems.


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Grease can build up in kitchen extraction and duct systems, potentially creating a higher risk of fire. Phoenix cleaning solutions are a BESA member and can provide professional deep cleaning, as well as a monitoring service to measure the levels of grease within your kitchen canopy and ventilation systems. We will provide a TR19 compliant report as evidence of deep cleaning, or maintenance of acceptable levels of hygiene within your systems. On completion, a report shall be issued with an overview of the systems cleaned. Pre and post-cleaning photographic records and measurements, including COSHH data on any chemicals used. We will also issue a certificate summarising the cleaning works completed. We ensure that your commercial kitchen is clean and safe, not only guarding against the danger of fire that can be caused through non and poorly cleaned grease extraction units.

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Understanding the critical role that a clean canopy and duct system plays in the health and safety of your kitchen, Phoenix Cleaning Solutions employs the latest techniques and equipment to deliver thorough cleaning results. Our services are essential for restaurants, cafes, and any commercial kitchen looking to maintain a high level of hygiene and operational excellence. We meticulously clean every component, ensuring your ventilation system works optimally and your kitchen remains a safe environment for staff and customers alike.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to offer flexible scheduling and customised cleaning plans tailored to the unique needs of your business. We work around your operational hours to minimise disruption, providing a seamless and efficient cleaning service that keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

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